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Our Marketing: Old-school feel, New-school Tactics

It’s astounding what happens when you combine visionary thinking, innovative tactics and genuine relationship-building into a marketing strategy. The results can be breathtaking.

At NOW Marketing Group, we believe in cutting edge online tools to help our clients make strong, long-lasting relationships with their audience. Our passion lies in marrying new-school social marketing practices with old-school friendship-building to give our clients, clients for life.

Landing-custom-quoteWe do this by:


Find your ideal buyer personas and develop SMART goals for strategic development and brand creation.


Create dynamic content across social media platforms and improve SEO to bring your message to new audiences.


Using tools such as landing pages and calls to action, we help you succeed in marketing by building relationships with potential buyers who see you as a knowledgeable and trustworthy friend.


Our methods help you convert leads into customers, who stay with you once they’ve been delighted by your outstanding services. We then use the best analytics from Google and Hubspot to measure and improve your campaigns.

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