Social Media Week Lima

2018 Conference
June 20-21

Social Media Week Lima

Join us at our Social Media Week Lima conference

There’s only one thing that will set you apart– that’s being you!

Technology is everywhere. It’s in our cars, our homes, and in our pockets. More than likely, you use it every single day. And, yet, we’re still in the early stages of a technological revolution. Artificial intelligence is blossoming, virtual realities are immersive, and technology is more accessible than ever. It’s becoming increasingly prevalent in our day to day lives.

But, you have something technology doesn’t. You’re human. And the human experience you can create online will set you apart from other businesses who favor more impersonal methods.

Join us for Social Media Week Lima 2018 and learn all about “The Human Experience.”

Social Media Week Lima will be held on June 20th and 21st, 2018

What you’ll learn

Our session topics will explore themes in social media, inbound marketing, relationship marketing, and marketing best practices. We’re looking ahead to prepare for CX, progressive profiling, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, influencer marketing and other technologies that will dramatically change our marketing techniques.

But, we’re not just interested exploring the technologies, we want to pair our relationship marketing values with real-life internet marketing. So, we’ll be teaching you how to build relationships, create value, and gain attention on your social media platforms and online. Our sessions will incorporate hands-on learning, so when you head back to the office you know what you’re doing.

More information will be coming soon! Please keep checking back as we finalize our speaker line-up and get ready for #SMWL18!

Sheila Frueh Custer and Social Media Week Lima


“This is an event that will forever change you and your business!” – Sheila Custer

See what Sheila Custer says about SMWL


About the conference

Social Media Week Lima 2018 is our sixth annual conference held in Lima, Ohio. The conference is geared to offer attendees the best value with information to keep them ahead of the curve with what’s happening in social media, without requiring a long drive out of town. Our focus is to emphasize relationship marketing best practices. That’s because we believe everyone should be able to harness the power of relationship marketing through social media.

Social Media Week Lima is a two-day conference and will be held June 20th and June 21st. June 20th will be a full conference day, and June 21st will include hands-on workshops that will put newly learned skills to practical use.

Make sure you attend so you can have access to a full line-up of community events and social media training sessions from some of the area’s most influential marketing and social media speakers.

There will be spaces available for you to sit and talk. Enjoy good food, great company, and informative sessions at #SMWL18!