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NOW Marketing Group website designWeb design grows stale, quickly. In our internet age, we’re used to change and updates. Websites are no different. Business pages that are only a couple years old begin to show their age. A website that stays unchanged for years speaks for your business and can mean that you aren’t getting the traffic you deserve.

We want to help you develop a website that positively enhances your online marketing efforts. Think of your website as an online real estate. You own it. It will be the place people will look for you. That’s why it’s important to invest in responsive web design.

The standards of what makes a great website have changed drastically in the past five years. Websites simply don’t function as they used to. A business page that looks like a business card won’t get the job done. We want to save you time by building you a website that has defined and measurable online objectives. As a website development firm, we will make sure you stand out. Our website developers keep up with the latest internet best practices, which ensures you will drive relevant and valuable traffic towards your site.

To do this, we are constantly learning the new rules of SEO and Google Analytics. That way we can give you the greatest design and best functionality so that you can get where you want to with your new website.


NOW Marketing Group Website DesignWe make websites built for all screen sizes using responsive design

Everything we do is now done through our phones. People will be looking for you online with their phone. So, if your website isn’t displaying right on an iPhone or Android, that means trouble for you.

That’s why we design responsively, with mobile use in mind. You’ll have one website that is easily viewed no matter what kind of device your potential leads are using. Our responsive web design saves you time and money in development because you don’t have to build a second mobile site.

Mobile responsive website design means pages will “snap” down into place, ensuring the site fits any size screen. On a desktop or laptop and not sure what we mean? Try it now. Simply grab the right corner of your web browser and push it to the left.

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We design with customization in mind

We use custom coding to build your website with the functionality that you want. Our system is user-friendly, so when your website is finished, you’ll be able to take over. Once we build your website, we’ll provide you or a team member with a training session, which will enable you to edit the back end of your website yourself. No more waiting on someone else to edit or post. We put the power in your hands so you can keep your website up to date and accurate. If you prefer, we give you the option of choosing an on-going maintenance package, which provides you with assistance and website coding should you need it.

You’ll get the best of both worlds: a beautifully designed website and the ease of simple editing.

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Our Process

Website creation from design to development doesn’t have to be a scary process. Some web companies try to show their skills by using big foreign terminology.

We want to simplify your website building or revamping process and work hand in hand with you to come up with creative ideas and conversational content to make your new site shine. As a web design company, we want your new site to represent you so website visitors get to know your brand when they visit your website.Together, we will create a web masterpiece for your business.

To do this, we break the website design and coding process into phases. We will make sure you understand how we are are creating your website, explain why we do the things we do, and most importantly you get the site you want and need.

Step 1: Determine your needs

Before we begin, we need to understand who you are, who you’re trying to attract to your website, and what we want them to do once they get there. Through your proposal and an initial discovery meeting, we will begin to clearly outline the purpose of your website, your goals, and your buyer personas. Through this, we determine the best way to grow your leads. We ask ourselves if we were the customer visiting this website – what questions are we trying to answer and what would win us over to know, like, and trust this business? Through this process, we establish what our user experience will be, alongside sitemap, design, and content navigation.

Step 2: Come up with creative solutions

During our initial meetings, we learn more about what specific details a new website may need and how we can solve that it. These have included vast resource guides, complex calendars, and product galleries. Yet, through custom coding these solutions remain user-friendly so they are easily updated when there is a need. When we work with you, we determine what solutions your site may necessitate, and through custom coding, we build it for you, always with user-accessibility in mind. We pride ourselves in our ability to be creative and provide custom solutions, and we’re also happy to tackle a challenge.

Step 3: Develop a content strategy

While the look and feel of your website are extremely important, the content of your website is what ultimately ensures that people will be visiting. We know the content that works both with your website visitors but also with search engines. Through a developed strategy, we’ll make sure your site is complete search engine friendly and has the keywords necessary to make sure people are finding your business. We’ll work with you to determine the pages that are most important and what should be on them. Then we’ll write your content in a way that is easily readable and engaging to users, while making sure it gets you the traffic you deserve.

Step 4: We make sure we’re on track

Through weekly meetings and a dedicated project manager, we keep your project moving forward in a timely manner. Each week we will determine action items to ensure we stay on task and focused, and so you know what we are working on each week. Our weekly meetings make sure we’re staying in communication, so there is no confusion about what is happening with your web design process. And if questions arise, your project manager is available for you to connect with throughout the week. You’ll be looped in and aware of what’s happening, giving you peace of mind.

Step 5: Test the site thoroughly

Once we have the sitemap, design, and content complete, we move onto the coding phase. Through WordPress, we begin to add all of your content, images, and information to the back end of your website. We open the beta site up for you to watch as we build the site from the foundation up. Through this process we make any final changes and updates, finding issues and testing the site to make sure it works as we planned. You’ll be a part of this phase, able to input your feedback and make any edits you see fit. We want to make sure your website is perfect.

Step 6: Launch your new site

Once we’ve found all the kinks, made any changes deemed necessary, and have been given final approval on the site as a whole, we move to the launch phase. This is an easy stage for you. You just get to sit back and wait for our operations manager to make all the necessary changes for your site to go live. Once it’s live, we’ll train you in the back-end of WordPress, so you have the power to make changes and updates as they are needed. You can also purchase an ongoing maintenance or security package if you’d rather we continue to manage the site. If you have chosen on-going social media management, we will begin to direct traffic to your site from your social pages. And that’s it! You now have a fresh, fully functioning website that will drive traffic and grow your leads.