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12 Examples of Healthcare Websites for 2017

Author: NOW Marketing Group February 17, 2017

Does your website design really represent your Healthcare business?

Web design grows stale, quickly. In our internet age, we’re used to change and updates. Websites are no different. Healthcare web pages that are only a couple years old begin to show their age. A website that stays unchanged for years it speaks for your practice, and can mean that you aren’t getting the traffic you deserve. We want to help you create a website that positively enhances your online marketing efforts. Think of your website as an online real estate. You own it and it will be the place people will look for you. That’s why it’s important to invest in it. Take a peek at recent Healthcare websites we’ve had the privilege of creating. Each example resembles their unique style. For more information on our website process, please visit here.

responsive website development

Looking to update your healthcare website? Want to learn more about how to build your website?

What is the average cost of a new responsive website?

The cost can vary based on the functionality needed and how many pages you are looking to create. The average cost is $3,500- $5,500 to create a new website with an inbound marketing focus.

What is included with a new responsive website build?

SEO- Search Engine Optimization

We at NOW Marketing Group understand that a website is only good is people can find it and use it. Therefore, we include all the aspects you need to have a website that not only looks good, it performs for the user and it can be found when someone is searching for the problem you help them solve. Within every website project we write all of you website copy with Search Engine Optimization included, we set you up on all the major search engines and analytics to measure results so you can see how your website is performing.

Professional Video Production

We include professional video production that helps tell your brand’s story and highlights your work.

Creative Elements

We include photography that is part of your brand identity kit.

We include designs of your downloads and lead magnet offers along with creating the offers to attract leads into your business.


We include research on your target audience group aka buyer persona (s) so you know exactly who you are creating your website for and we design a website specifically for them. We can also include interviews with your ideal clients to ask them how they research to find your business. What they like to see on your website, what search terms they use in Google. What kind of information would they like to have in a click of a button, etc.

We include website training to show you how to make simple edits of photos, update text, add team members and add a blog.

Will our Current Website go Down while a New Website is being Built?

No, we design and develop on a beta site so you can watch us build your website while your current site stays up. Once the new development is complete we will then make a switch to your new website. We will then do the backend work to make sure all old links on Google will redirect to your new website.

Do we have to pay you Monthly to Maintain or Host?

No, once we build your new website, you own everything we created for you. You do not have to pay us another dollar unless you’d like us to help you ongoing with updates and our other marketing services like social media, local search engine optimization and/or reputation management.

Do I have access to Update my Own Website?

We build in custom contact forms so you can collect and receive leads directly from your website. This will allow your website to work as a sales team for you.

We design with customization in mind. We use custom coding to build your website with the functionality that you want. Our system is user-friendly, so when your website is finished, you’ll be able to take over. Once we build your website, we’ll provide you or a team member with a training session, which will enable you to edit the back end of your website yourself. No more waiting on someone else to edit or post. We put the power in your hands so you can keep your website up to date and accurate. If you prefer, we give you the option of choosing an on-going maintenance package, which provides you with assistance should you need it. You’ll get the best of both worlds: a beautifully designed website and the ease of simple editing.

It’s astounding what happens when you combine visionary thinking, innovative tactics and genuine relationship-building into a marketing strategy. The results can be breathtaking.


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