33 apps to help you rock the social scene in 2016

Author: Jessika Phillips January 6, 2015

(This is a follow up blog to our weekly Blab session with Jessika Phillips and Mike Gingerich)

There are so many apps and tools that help us do what we do, and make it even better! We’ve curated a list of our favorite tools that are going to really help you out in the coming year. Download them, try them out, and let us know which ones we missed!

We’ve broken our list up by website or purpose.


Twitter Feed — Feeds your blog to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more.

Twubs — Lets you register your Hashtags with Twitter.

Tweet JukeBox — Automates Tweets and stores them for you.

Commun.it — An easy way to drive traffic, increase fan engagement, grow followers/likes, and save time.


WordSwag — Allows you to easily create visual designs from text.

Flipagram — Create Instagram videos from your photos.

Repost — Similar to retweeting, and a great way to share awesome posts while interacting with your followers.

Aviary — The best way to edit and share photos.

Instavid — A great way to make photo and video collages.


Canva — Design custom images and photos.

visme —  Create presentations, infographics, and much more.

Tabsite — Allows easy Facebook contest management.

Scoreboard Social — Another way to create reports and analyze your Facebook data.

Pages — The Facebook Pages app lets you manage up to 50 pages with your phone.


Pulse — Create and curate content for Linkedin.

SlideShare — Create presentations, and then add them to your LinkedIn profile.


GoAnimate — Create animated videos for your business, without having to hire someone.

Audiojungle — Don’t use copyrighted music! Get royalty-free instead.

Premiumbeat — Another Royalty-free music site.

Musicbed — More Royalty-free music!

Video Apps

Thriller — Lets you create a 30 second music with multiple cuts and filters.

Splice — Create music, collaborate with others, and share it to the world.

BombBomb — Record and send videos in your email, then track if they were opened or watched.


PostPlanner — Plan out your Facebook posts.

SproutSocial — A complete social media management suite.

HootSuite — Let’s you schedule your Social Media posts.

AgoraPulse — Manage social media messages for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

NOW Marketing Group’s Favorites

Podio — We use Podio for our project management, especially when it comes to creating websites.

Todist — Our account managers use it to create To Do lists and manage their tasks.

Trello — We use it to plan out content and manage what has been created versus what needs written.

Fun Apps

TimeHop — It’s like a time capsule for your social media!

DubSmash — Find a sound, start dubbing, and share with your friends!

Crazy Helium Booth — Exactly what it sounds like!

Want to watch the whole conversation and listen to all the apps Jessika and Mike love? Check it out by replaying this Blab session here. And join us next week for our discussion on why continuing education is so important for your brand.


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