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Discover how you can enhance your content reach

Author: NOW Marketing Group July 26, 2017

Content only works when people see it. Learn how to get your content seen by your audience.

In today’s digital age, the need for quality content has never been greater. In fact, getting your content marketing discovered is like meeting someone special at a crowded dance. You must stand out and get noticed to meet your match and live happily ever after… well, at least have a long relationship together.

But, getting content seen is hard. It takes strategy. There is already so much competition and noise out there; it can take some work to make sure your content is getting the traffic it deserves.

We’re going to share some tips that you can incorporate into your content plan to help ensure you reach more people with your content.

Collaboration with others

Go beyond your business. Find other experts you can team up with, and do something together. Make sure whatever you’re doing is helpful for your audience. Say you’re a real estate agent looking to collaborate with other professionals. Find complementary businesses to yours. We had a client in real estate who worked with home stagers to create content. The real estate team interviewed various home stagers and got their tips for selling a home and asked them how staging can be used as a tool. These tips were turned into a blog and shared on social media, not only by the real estate agency but by each of the home stagers.

By collaborating with others, you can expand your audience to reach your partner’s audience as well. Make sure they share the content on their own social pages to really enhance your reach. Say you have a following of 5,000, and two people you collaborate with each have 5,000 followers. When you work together on a piece of content, and all three share it to your own networks, you know have 15,000 people looking at your piece. What a difference that makes!

Use it in different ways

Once you come up with a concept for content, think of different ways you can use it. One topic can be present in many different ways. Of course, we recommend blogs. But you can turn blogs into a video, graphics, images, live streams, and more.

For example, of course, this is a blog. But did you know we covered this topic as a live stream first, and then turned it into a blog? Think creatively about the many different ways you can use your content.

Syndicate the article

Once you post a blog, you may think that’s it. Nope! There are many other places you can share the same blog, yet reach different audiences. Syndicate the blog or article on sites like Linkedin, Facebook Notes, and Pinterest.

One of our favorite syndication tools is Facebook Notes. It lets you format your blog, choose the right image to go with it, and put it right on Facebook. This is super handy when you think of Facebook’s built in search engine. Not only can your blog get found on Google through your website, now it can get found through Facebook! This is a great tool for those blogs that are evergreen, and will always be relevant to your audience.

Make sure when you do use these tools to include your call to action at the bottom, with a link to draw people make to your website.

Use social media wisely

The beauty of social media is you can share the same piece of content in many different ways. Through posts, images, videos, stories, and more, you can creatively draw in more people who may be interested in your content. It’s all about the presentation! Different people are attracted to different things. An image that’s appealing to one individual may not be to another, but they may be interested in a video, for example.

You can also post the same piece of content multiple times on a platform. We actually recommend that you share 20 posts on Twitter for one blog. That right, 20! Each post should have its own unique introduction, which emphasizes a different part of the content.

There you have it, just a couple tips to get your content viewed by more people. While this list is a start, it isn’t exhausted. How do you use your content to get it seen by the masses? Share your ideas and let us know!

Here are a few apps to help!

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