Don't lose Your Valuable Google Analytics data!

Upgrade your website to use the latest version and gain valuable insights into your visitors' behavior.

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Make Data-Driven Decisions

You’re probably already using Google Analytics, a free web analytics tool that collects data to inform how visitors interact with your website. Ideally, that data can help you better understand your audience and help you make informed decisions about design and content.

Upgrade Your Website

The analytics tool went through a major update, Google Analytics 4 (GA4). It introduces a number of significant changes, including a new data model and new reporting capabilities. While you may be hesitant to upgrade to the new version, GA4 offers numerous advantages that make it well worth the effort.

Don't Lose Out on Your Data

Ultimately, upgrading to GA4 is an essential step to staying ahead of the curve and making the most of your data. Because Google is sunsetting the old version, Universal, if the switch isn’t made valuable information will get lost. Don’t let that happen. We can archive your data, provide an audit for how to best configure GA4 for your website goals, and prevent major data loss.

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