Are you looking for qualified leads? Inbound Marketing is the art of creating helpful and interesting content to convert visitors to leads online.

Our marketing agency turns your marketing into a magnet versus being a bullhorn!

When you bring visitors to your site by earning their attention, you’ll find the people who are more likely to be interested in your brand and business. That’s why we focus on inbound marketing. We want to focus on getting your website more views with better-qualified leads. Through great content, we pique people’s interest. We do this by giving your customers what they want while building a meaningful relationship with them. They’ll begin to trust in your company, becoming dedicated to your brand. Think of inbound marketing as solution-based, rather than being disruptive, overly salesy, and full of annoying ads. With inbound, your customers will look to you as the leader in your industry. You will provide them with the education they need and the solution to the problems they have.

Inbound Marketing Now Marketing GroupHow can we attract qualified leads?

We use dynamic and creative content for your social media platforms, and incorporate blogs and landing pages so we establish you as an expert in your field. Working with you, we will collaboratively come up with creative ideas for your website, social posts, and blog content that stands out from the competition. You will be the go-to source for industry-specific education, as well as for entertainment and interaction. As your visitors go through your site, they will shift from curious visitors to interested leads.

Inbound Marketing Now Marketing GroupHow can we better manage leads?

Our relationship-marketing model starts and ends with understanding your buyer personas. We do this by finding out who your customers really are and what their everyday life is like. Then we learn about the problems they have and the solutions you have. With this information we can engage and nurture your leads, using your website to progressively profile so we can send them targeted emails. This helps you to continue to understand their needs and wants, which allows you to convert leads into customers. Our software will allow you to stay in constant communication with your leads via a drip campaign.

Inbound Marketing Now Marketing GroupHow can we measure success and increase return on investment?

Social media can be mystifying, but we can help you understand how social media is helping you gain dedicated followers. Using our own software, we track your analytics so you can see where you stand, proving our methodology and your return on investment.

This sophisticated software allows us to develop a unique and strategic inbound marketing plan that will be unique to your business. We are able to track leads generated and profile them. If you need a new website we can design one that will attract more prospects, generate more leads, and help you close more sales.

NOW Marketing Group Inbound Marketing Services include:

  • Design and code websites, social media pages, and landing pages
  • Content curation, writing, and SEO optimization
  • Engage customers with social media management
  • Measure and monitor analytics and traffic results

Inbound Marketing is about providing value to grow your leads and sales.

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