Marketing for Nonprofit and Government Granted Organizations

Author: NOW Marketing Group February 10, 2017

On a daily basis, NOW Marketing Group works with nonprofit organizations in Ohio and beyond who want to reach a greater audience and make their products and services more accessible to the public through nonprofit marketing. We also take pride in using our knowledge and skill set to partner with nonprofit groups and government-granted entities.

Relationship-based nonprofit marketing is critical.

We start by researching each project and conducting interviews to find the best solution for branding, logo and website design, as well as specific marketing tools that work best for each entity, including landing pages and CRM integration. Our latest nonprofit marketing partners and projects include:

Northwest Ohio Industrial Mega Site

The Northwest Ohio Industrial Mega Site is a 600-acre property available for immediate development in Van Wert, Ohio. While working with the Northwest Ohio Mega Site non-profit group, we starting by interviewing their potential customers to see what they like, dislike on websites. We asked where they go for information and what information matters to them. After all, interviews were complete we were able to create a website and branding that reflects what’s important to their audience. We created new branding, a new logo, and a new website that will attract businesses for development at the mega site. The website includes a Resource Section that has all the information a site selector is looking for – like maps, workforce stats, logistics and community data. Please see our Case Study on the Mega Site project.

Activate Allen County

Activate Allen County is a local nonprofit that works to make health a priority in local businesses and the community. Activate Allen County is a group of organizations within our community all working together to see the initiative out. We’ve worked with Activate Allen County as their communications and Marketing liaison via assisting with the overall goals, planning, communication with partners and execution.  We’ve maintained the organization’s monthly marketing through social media management, video production designed marketing materials, regular website updates including additions to a  Resource Center for the community, reporting and more.  We’ve worked as a communications partner to ensure everyone is on the same page within marketing, we have a vision and the execution is followed through with measurable results.  Marketing Channels included: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, E-Newsletter, Instagram, Billboard, Television, local print ads, mailings, branded promotional materials and radio interviews.

Ohio Energy & Advanced Manufacturing Center

The OEAMC is a 501c3 tax-exempt, non-profit corporation dedicated to assisting manufacturing companies to become more competitive in the global arena of advanced manufacturing. NOW Marketing Group’s work with OEAMC included creating banners, flyer designs, and marketing materials to assist in advancing the OEAMC’s mission to promote new manufacturing technology.

Henry County Board of Developmental Disabilities

Henry County Board of Developmental Disabilities, also known as HOPE Services, partners with families and individuals to help those with developmental disabilities and enrich their lives. We created a new website and branding materials for the organization.

Allen County Board of Developmental Disabilities

We manage this organization’s social media, website and marketing materials to connect with the community and engage the individuals it serves. We also partnered with them to create a website that includes a calendar of events and a dedicated Resource Center, where the community can learn about its services. We utilize social media and come up with ideas that generate a buzz online and off.

NOW Marketing Group is a leader in Relationship Marketing. Building relationships is a key component for nonprofit marketing, but it’s especially important for nonprofit organizations that need to get their information into the community. Helping nonprofit organizations communicate effectively increases their impact and benefits those who need it most. So to increase their following we started sharing the stories of people they help via their blog and social media. This has created a buzz with increased traffic to their social channels and website.

Allen County Regional Transit Authority

We worked with ACRTA to establish a website that was easy to use and navigate for their end users. We worked through their sitemap, branding images, designed new maps and are working to link in Google Transit to map out routes.

 West Ohio Community Action Partnership

At WOCAP, we open paths to self-sufficiency and empowerment for individuals and families to enhance our community.

We’ve worked with WOCAP in Lima, Ohio to create a website that is responsive, user-friendly and engaging. Together we mapped out a new sitemap, created online form submissions and linked with community partners to make the online experience seamless.

Our goal is to be the non-profit marketing agency that cares. We will work to understand the heartbeat of your organization and outline a strategy of telling your story to the community. Together we can help non-profit agencies with branding, web design, responsive web development, social media marketing, social media management, and overall marketing support.



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