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Three do’s and a don’t to master digital marketing

Author: NOW Marketing Group May 16, 2017

Even in today’s hyper-competitive global marketplace, companies are consistently gaining new customers while keeping their existing fans happy and coming back for more. How? Because they’ve mastered today’s equally hyper-competitive marketing mindset and provide a constant stream of engaging content that draws the attention of their target market. These three digital marketing tools (and one cautionary note) offer your company the opportunity to maximize marketing trends effectively and affordably, to achieve more conversions at a faster pace and a lower cost.

1. Do engage inbound attention with creative content

Enormous volumes of information generated by the explosion of Big Data overwhelm every consumer. Many, if not most, are unable to process the whole and are often confused about what to believe. Consequently, consumers are seeking trustworthy and reliable “experts” to help them make sense of the data and select those choices that are appropriate for their lifestyle, tastes and values. The enterprises that gather the most customers are the ones whose brands offer their fan-base consistent, reliable and valuable information. Once a consumer learns to trust a brand, they will re-engage with that company rather than risk being disappointed by an unknown enterprise.

Content marketing is the tool that generates consumer interest and loyalty. Providing informative and entertaining content establishes the company’s credibility as the “expert” on that subject matter, and when that content quality matches product quality, the consumer is assured that current and future interactions will be satisfying ones.

2. Do share content across social media channels

Another digital development that can overwhelm consumers is the existing and growing number of social media channels. Some use primarily text to share their message, either through short, sweet phrases (Twitter) or full-on, in-depth articles written by industry leaders (LinkedIn). Others are visually oriented, using pictures, graphs, charts and other visual aids to get their message across (Pinterest, Instagram). While some people are visual learners and will engage with mainly visual channels, others absorb more information when reading the text.

Today’s marketing strategies must incorporate a variety of social media channels to attract the attention of the widest possible population. Combining clever, informative text with bright, engaging visuals will connect with a higher percentage of viewers than just text or visuals alone. Today’s digital marketing experts create and match the perfect image for the enterprise product to ensure its exposure to the highest possible number of potential buyers.

3. Do add video imagery to tell your story

Technological advances in just the last ten years have generated big changes in the delivery of data. Today’s programming streams more information faster, and with fewer delays and crashes than any of its predecessor software. Consequently, digital content is more complex than ever before and more often than not, contains video imagery as a fundamental marketing device.

  • Data analysis reveals the surge of popularity for video as a critical marketing tool.
  • By some estimates, more than 80 percent of all content will be video images by the year 2019.
  • Videos can increase click-throughs by 200 to 300 percent.
  • Up to 90 percent of all customers report that product videos help them to make purchasing decisions.
  • Online viewers spend as much as one-third of their time online watching videos.
  • Up to 80 percent of video watchers can recall its content a month after seeing it, indicating that remembering visual content is easier than recalling non-visual content.
  • Clearly, video marketing is changing how almost every consumer sees their world and the products they buy.

4. Don’t add to the overwhelm

Considering the variety of marketing options available, it’s not surprising that consumers have also come to resent them for being so intrusive. Pop-up ads, flashing banners and disruptive brand messaging can put off customers, who will signal their discomfort by navigating away from the page. Balancing both the message and its delivery to ensure full engagement, not annoyance, is an art, and companies that best master that art are often the leaders in their sectors.

Today’s sophisticated marketing strategies combine the best attributes of each available tool and use them to their maximum capacity. The best strategies engage the consumer base as a smart and relevant population, capable of choosing their online purchases wisely. Your company’s clever content, masterfully created and shared well will prove to be your best marketing strategy to successfully compete in today’s digital marketplace.

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