Jacquelyn Beckner

| May 17, 2019

Jacquelyn lives and breathes marketing. As chief marketing officer, she works to build the “brand behind the brand” for NOW Marketing Group. Jacquelyn provides guidance and development for the account management team and is also charged with developing our agency’s own relationship marketing strategies. Jacquelyn has more than 17 years of experience and brings insight, strategy, and passion to her work.

When she’s not behind a laptop screen, Jacquelyn can be found chasing after her two daughters, running toward a marathon finish line, baking some crazy cakes for her side hustle, volunteering with her service clubs or the American Cancer Society, and in her high school gym with her cheerleading squad watching for a Wildcat win. Jacquelyn’s philosophy: There are only so many hours in a lifetime… why spend them idle and why not spend them making someone else’s day better?