Social Media and online reviews, when used effectively, can help grow your business.

We tell clients social media marketing is best explained as public relations and marketing all rolled into one. Social Media platforms allow you to have a two-way conversation about your business with clients and/or customers. These platforms and other online conversations include customer reviews, which can either help or hurt your business, especially when it comes to sites like Google, Facebook, and Yelp.

We like to think of an online review as a published comment card. However, the difference in doing it online is you now have a chance to respond back publicly. Comments and conversations about your business are going to happen online one way or another; it’s a matter of if you want to join in on the conversation. Responding to reviews online is just another vehicle to show how your company handles customer service.

We can help you manage your online reputation by social listening and monitoring. We set up monitoring of your brand online to find out if your company has been mentioned and give you the opportunity to be part of the conversation.

Our online reputation management services include:

  • Reputation management through social listening
  • Brand mentions monitoring
  • Local directory claiming and management
  • Monitoring Google Alerts
  • Customer feedback management and responses
  • Assisting in driving more online recommendation campaigns

Think of social media as a platform that allows you to gain trust and build relationships with your target audience. Online reviews can also be used as a platform to build confidence back in a customer who may have written your business off because of a negative experience. When looking at a customer lifetime value and their potential for additional referrals, this could largely impact your business. Current statistics say only 14 percent of people trust advertisements yet more than 70 percent of people trust peer recommendations.

You can easily turn “Word of Mouth” recommendations into “World of Mouth” by sharing comments left by others. Just remember, what you post online is written in ink, not pencil. What you write is permanent, so act professionally because you never know who could be reading what you’re posting. Don’t waste an opportunity to highlight how your company handles customer service.

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