Jim Fuhs

Jim Fuhs is President of Fuhsion Marketing and does Marketing the Marine Corps way. Jim is a retired Marine LtCol turned digital marketing consultant, speaker, live streamer, podcaster, remote live stream and virtual event producer with over 30 years of business and social media experience. Jim fuses Marine Corps Leadership with next-level digital Marketing. His 20 plus years of highly successful leadership experience as a Marine Corps Officer lets him bring that to bear in the ever-changing world of Marketing and Technology.

Jim collaborates as a remote live producer and has led, assisted and coordinated production teams with clients such as IBM, StreamYard, United Nations Global Compact, MIT, Toastmasters International, Glasko Smith Kline (GSK), Jamaican Chamber Of Commerce, and USABizParty which has included speakers such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Seth Godin, Darren LaCroix and many more.