Laughing Love Bugs

Laughing Lovebugs, Lauren and Alik are a husband and wife team of Certified Laughter Yoga Leaders.

Yes… LOL! You read that right we are “Laugh Yogis”…we are the Laughter Professionals.

In laughter yoga we combine laughter exercises & deep breathing with childlike playfulness & movement to connect, unwind, and let go. No sense of humor, flexibility, or yoga mat required!

Laughter Yoga is perhaps the only exercise routine that helps to ease physical, mental & emotional stress all at the same time.

Scientific Studies show that Laughter yoga strengthens the immune system and infection fighting antibodies, alleviates pain, relieves tension, lowers blood pressure, controls blood sugar, and keeps heart healthy.

In this challenging time we are attempting to cultivate human connection via laughter. We would love spread the word to encourage people to participate in doing something that not only feels good but it good for them.

Laughter Yoga helps alleviate, reduce, or eliminate anger, loneliness, anxiety, comfort with loss, pain, depression, and more.

Laughing Lovebugs offer virtual laughter yoga sessions for individuals, groups, couples, corporations, children, schools, mental health organizations, treatment centers, senior centers, hospitals and more.

An open mind & heart is all you need to bring…you don’t need to be in a good mood to receive the health benefits of laughter yoga…So come do something great for your mind, body, and soul and experience the gift of laughter.