Sadea Canty

Hi there!

My name is Sadea! I was born and raised in Albany, NY but now reside in North Carolina. I have two dogs Malachi & Luna and am married to my husband Eli! I come from a pretty big family that loves to have a good time. We love to celebrate so there’s always some sorry of family function, game night, or special event happening. I love to travel – I have been to many different areas of the world, but truly anywhere that there is a beach and it’s warm would be my favorite place to be. When I am not working I like to spend time exploring and doing new activities as I live in a very lively city and there’s always plenty to do.

My professional background: My degree is in communications with a concentration in public relations. I have been a social media manager for about 5 years working with small business owners, non-profits, and creative business owners. This is my first official year doing this full time, prior to this I spent my time as a director of operations working within other companies. What I love most about my job is building relationships with others and helping other business owners build their brands through social media.