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The Need

  • Fresh new design with responsive that would update their brand image
  • New content to explain who Colonial is and what they do
  • A way to capture potential job applicants
  • A way to explain the history and longevity of the company
  • A cohesive message for social media growth and engagement

The Plan

  • Design and develop a new website for Colonial, including new content and up-to-date SEO
  • Two new sections, one devoted to capturing job applications and the other devoted to the history of the company
  • A social media strategy which included showcasing employees and telling their stories

The Team

  • Graphic Designer
  • Web Developer
  • Content Strategist
  • Project Manager

Colonial had a very old website they wanted to bring up-to-date with SEO best practices and a new design and message for their audience. Our team got to work designing a new look for the website and reworking the brand story by interviewing employees. Once interviews were done, our team wrote new copy that would explain what Colonial’s capabilities are and how they could solve customer’s pain points.

Colonial wanted a way to showcase their longevity and history as a company, so a new page was developed specifically for telling the story of Colonial. We were also able to incorporate many old photos to show the business in its earlier years.

We also created a new employment portal that would solicit applications from potential employees.

Colonial was also looking for someone to take over their social media to build followers, increase engagement, and gain leads. We created cohesive branding throughout the website and social media pages and built a brand voice that would be timely, relevant, and interesting to Colonial’s desired audience.

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