Is Snapchat just for kids?

Is Snapchat just for kids?

Author: NOW Marketing Group March 27, 2017

If you’ve seen the cute dog-masked faces and golden angelic photos pop up in your newsfeed, chances are you’ve seen some of the appeal behind Snapchat. Although face recognition masks may seem juvenile, it doesn’t mean the app as a whole is. Some people think Snapchat is just for school-age kids. However, I’m here to prove it isn’t, and it can be a crucial partner for your digital content mix.

Since Snapchat launched in 2011, the ages of its users have continued to rise with the 35+ age group. With more and more businesses jumping on the social app since it’s launch, the once labeled “teen” app is now a part of the marketing strategy for every business.

If you are still wondering how your business or brand can benefit from Snapchat, let us explain with four simple words!

  • Entertain
  • Educate
  • Engage
  • Everyday


Snapchat is unlike any other platform: its content disappears within 10 seconds or 24 hours, depending on how it’s shared. The purpose behind your content should be to entertain your audience. Whether you are having fun with your brand’s mascot, going out with your team, or at a conference, be sure to take pictures and videos of these events for your Snapchat followers. Entertaining your audience will help humanize your brand and make your followers feel a part of the brand itself.


Does your business or brand have a message that it needs to get out? Snapchat is a great way to educate your audience on the mission of your brand, and it’s a great way to share the “why” behind your business. Is your team volunteering or partnering with local high schools? Has something great just happened in your office? Spread the word with Snapchat! Getting in-the-moment shots of your team at work can be more powerful than the traditional press release.


Don’t forget to engage with your audience on Snapchat! You can use Snapchat to ask questions about new products or give away prizes. Let your fans in on secret hangouts or take a behind the scenes look at a new product line, but don’t wait to hear their feedback! Ask for it. Take advantage of your audience and allow them to have their voice. After all, their support is what you need in the end.


No matter what, something is always going on in the office or on the road! Give your audience a VIP look at what you do every day to give them the product or service they follow you for. If you are looking for some inspiration on what you can share every day, here are just a few examples: team meetings, lunches, photos of the staff, videos of products, insight on new launches, sales, and so much more! There is no limit on what you can share on Snapchat, but be sure to have fun and let the true culture and creativity of your brand come through.

Happy snapping!

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