Who writes the social media content?

We do! We know what types of content work on social media and have a complete 10:4:1 strategy to share social media content that will get your page noticed. We will write 30 days worth of unique social media content, that’s specific to your account and send it over to you for approval in advance. Once approved we will publish content daily. Of course, we love real time happenings from your brand and can incorporate things into the mix as you share it with us.

How often can I talk with my account manager?

You will have direct access to your account manager anytime you need to speak with him or her. You will also have pre-set monthly or bi-monthly meetings to review your goals and social media reports.

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How often will you post on my social media pages?

We will publish content a minimum of once a day depending on your brand needs. Social media is something that needs constant engaging content in order to stay relevant. We use software that tells us when your prospects are online and what time will give your content the best chance of being seen. We will also use our 4E rule when writing your content, so it’s engaging and produces results.

How do I know social media is right for my business?

The main goal of Social Media Marketing is to build relationships with your ideal audience and drive traffic back to your website. We use a mix of curated, organic, and paid promotional content to build a know, like, and trust relationship with your ideal audience to keep your brand top of mind. When done right, social media can work for any business. The key is to give before you get. A lot of our time will be spent engaging with other pages as your company, so your brand is seen everywhere. The more present you are online, the bigger your presence is perceived and the more of a chance you will have to grow your audience.

Qualities of a Social Media Manager

Is there a contract for marketing services?

Nope, we want the opportunity to earn your business every month. We know if what we are doing is working for you, you’ll stick with us and tell your friends!

Can I do social media on my own or hire an intern?

Whoever you have to manage your social media pages should be someone you’d trust to answer your phones in the office. Essentially you are giving access to your brand online and what’s written online is written in ink. The biggest difference between hiring an agency versus keeping your social media management in-house is that we are constantly “on” and are always up-to-date with the latest trends. Hiring an agency will save you time and money compared to hiring a full-time team member to manage your account. We train on best practices and how to utilize social media profiles to get the maximum results. We use software that will monitor your brand reputation online, stay engaged in conversations, and show the results of our labor. We’ve tested out different contests, content, and images to know what works. We also have someone watching your accounts around the clock because with social media it’s always “on.”

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