Why you should be taking advantage of Social Media Holidays

Why you should be taking advantage of Social Media Holidays

Author: NOW Marketing Group August 14, 2017

Do you have those days where you aren’t sure what to post? Have you tried looking at the non-traditional social media holidays calendar for inspiration? Let me tell you. there are some fun little gems and holidays that you wouldn’t believe in there!! This creative calendar of awesomeness is a place to find tons of little holidays already planned out for the year that you can implement into your Social Media marketing mix.

Ok, but first what the heck are we talking about. Social media sharing of non-traditional holidays are basically “micro holidays” celebrated around the world for random occasions. Like National Talk like a Pirate Day – we’re serious. This is a day where you can say Arrg in every sentence and be totally acceptable.

But in all seriousness, These micro-holidays can be great for social media posts. There are a lot of creative holidays that you can capitalize on to help turn that slow week into a successful month for you and your business.

Here are a few reasons why we like to use the Social Media Holidays for social sharing:

1. More engagement in a fun way.

Using a fun or unusual holiday like ”National Ice Cream Day” could be a great way to help you get more engagement for your social media posts when done right. Think of this… it’s National Ice Cream Day and you’re a nursing home; you could show your team and the residence with ice cream cones in a photo and simply put the caption as “who doesn’t want a reason to celebrate with ice cream?! Happy National Ice Cream Day!” Then when you post your image on Twitter or Facebook you could get that post trending by using the holiday hashtag. This will help you get more engagement by people sharing, retweeting, commenting, or liking your post plus it shows your human side of the business. It creates a feeling of fun, friendliness and allows others to engage.

2. Get your team involved. This is key!

Getting your team involved is one of the best ways to help a social media post gain more attention. Why- because people connect with people, not logos. An example of this would be National Dog Day. You can have your team in advance take pictures of their dogs and put all the pictures together and use that as a social media post. You can have your team share the post and ask your audience what your favorite topping – #TeamKetchup or #TeamMustard in the comment section. Doing this can help your fans who are following your page get involved and have fun! In turn, with the additional comments you’ll be receiving, your post gains more reach in the news feed. By doing this, more people will see your content and most likely look through more of your posts.

3. Add humor or entertainment. People connect with you when they’re enticed to care or share.

When you take a look at the fun holiday calendar you will realize that there are a lot of off the wall holidays that you may never have thought of beforehand, but that can be a huge advantage for you. This element of humor can do wonders for your business if you use a holiday correctly. It shows that you are human and that you’re making an attempt to try and engage more with your audience. No one wants to follow a stuffy page who only pushes sales and promotions. People use social media to engage with friends and family. If you’re lucky they will also use it to engage with your business when they feel you’re adding value to their newsfeed by showing them how much you care. Social Media is a tool to build relationships and a huge part of that is having fun! When done right and adding in a bit of creativity you could get almost any of the fun holidays to work in your favor. Just ask yourself- ”how can we use this day to because resonate with our audience?”

The fun and wacky micro-holiday calendar is an opportunity for you to create engaging content. Try incorporating this tips into your marketing strategy, start conversations with your audience and build those relationships. Below are a few examples to inspire you to get started along with links to a few of our favorite calendars! Try this out and let us know how it goes! Happy relationship building. If you are interested in any of the other holidays feel free to visit: https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/social-media-holiday-calendar-2017

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