Top 20 App Picks of 2017

Author: NOW Marketing Group September 28, 2017

What are NOW Marketing Group’s top apps of 2017?

When it comes to apps, there is certainly no shortage. However, the sheer amount of choice makes it a little hard to find ones that are actually worth it. And, rarely, we find an app we just can’t live without!

Because we work online in digital and social media marketing, NOW Marketing Group is often pulled in many different directions. But we have found some apps that have caught our attention and made work a lot easier. And, thank goodness, too.

So, we asked our team a simple question:

What is one work-related app you wouldn’t want to give up?

Which apps did they choose? Read on to find out our top app picks of 2017! And, don’t forget to tell us what your favorite app is! We’re always looking for great apps to incorporate into our work-life.

Top 20 Apps of 2017 NOW Marketing Group

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