Social Media Week Lima

2018 Conference
June 20-21

Why Attend?

Do you want to know how to attract the right people to your business?

Are you serious about your social media marketing skills? Ready to make 2018 the year you reach your marketing goals? Having a hard time keeping up with the ever-changing world of online marketing?

Magnet vs. Bullhorn

Old school marketing relies on sending out messages and hoping people respond. People have grown familiar with this method, though, and it just doesn’t work as well as it used to.

Relationship marketing is different. We know you don’t need every lead, you need the best leads. When you focusing on building relationships with your online audience, you’re attracting people who are interested in you and your business. These are the people who will become loyal followers, believing in you and your product and coming back to you again and again.

When you know how to magnetize the right people you can build better relationships with them, leading to better leads and more sales.

Learn how relationship marketing can enhance what you do online

Our social media conference is the best way for small business owners and marketers to learn how to make their marketing effective using relationship marketing techniques. Take home the best advice and learn the best social media strategies that will enhance your marketing and help you magnetize the right audience for your business. You’ll be energized and rejuvenated with fresh ideas for what your business can do to attract and build the relationships that matter!

Learn things like:

  • Changes to social media that affect your business
  • How to use social media to increase sales
  • Why relationship marketing gets the best leads
  • What future trends mean for social media
  • And much, much, more!