Social Media Week Lima

2018 Conference
June 20-21

Why Attend?

You know us for our passionate belief that relationships are more powerful than marketing

Now, we want to share with you how you can build relationships through the one thing that sets you apart– your humanness.

This year, our Social Media Week Lima conference is focused on one thing: how we can pair rapidly evolving technology with the one constant thing we all have. Our humanity. For centuries, humans have been fascinated with ourselves, continually asking, “What does it mean to be human?” And, as artificial intelligence becomes more reality than fiction, we have to remember this question as we try to build relationships and grow our businesses online. Human connection will be the driving force of today’s relationship marketing.

But we’re not just addressing existential questions. We’re going to really dig into some of the new trends that we’ve seen grow in the last year and look forward to new possibilities as advanced technology emerges. These include virtual reality, chatbots, and advertising campaigns that target specific, niche groups of people.

We’ll teach you how you can use your social media and marketing presence to define relationships with your audience, to create a real, human experience online, to gain attention, and, ultimately, to gain leads and loyal followers.

As always, our speakers will tell you how you can begin to attract your ideal audience to your website and social pages, so you can start reaching your marketing goals.

So, why should you attend SMWL18?

We will introduce marketing techniques and technology, such as:

  • Why you should start thinking about virtual reality now
  • How you can utilize user-generated content in social media campaigns
  • Selling on social media– what you need to know
  • Artificial intelligence, chatbots, and other emerging marketing technologies
  • Deep dive into social media, to teach you everything from the basics to complex strategy

The NOW Marketing Group team will be available throughout the conference to offer insights and real-world solutions to any questions or issues you may be having.

One of our main focuses will be teaching you relationship marketing. Relationship marketing is different. We know you don’t need every lead, you need the best leads. When you’re fixated on building relationships with your online audience, you’re working to attract people who are interested in your product or service, but more importantly, they’re interested in you.

These are the people who will become loyal followers, believing in you and your product and who will come back to you again and again.

Learn how relationship marketing can enhance what you do online

Our social media conference is the best way for small business owners and marketers to learn how to make their marketing effective using relationship marketing techniques. Take home the best advice and learn the best social media strategies that will enhance your marketing and help you magnetize the right audience for your business. You’ll be energized and rejuvenated with fresh ideas for what your business can do to attract and build the relationships that matter!