Jessika Phillips


Selected as One of the Top 12 Global Rising Stars on Social Media to Watch in 2016: Jessika is on a mission to make relationships the forefront of business marketing. She’s known for this outspoken dedication to Relationship Marketing. Jessika lives by her statement that “Relationships will always be more powerful than marketing,” and she believes in being a magnet vs a Bullhorn to truly connect with your tribe.

As a social media strategist, Jessika founded NOW Marketing Group in 2010 with only a laptop and a vision. The company is now a Forbes recognized Agency Partner and a certified inbound partner with Hubspot. NOW Marketing Group works with more than 100 clients across United States and beyond, choosing to serve – not sell.

As a relationship marketing evangelist, Jessika also founded Magnet Marketers and The Relationship Marketing System, membership sites that provide curriculum to help businesses grow. Jessika also teaches comprehensive Relationship Marketing, presents in a weekly videocast “Magnet Marketers” and hosts one of the largest social media Midwest conferences, Social Media Week Lima.

Forbes Agency Council Member


Amber Stoll


Amber “The Oracle” Stoll: In the nerve center of NOW Marketing Group sits our all-seeing, all-knowing eye: Amber Stoll. Our “Podio Princess” is part traffic cop, part communications conductor and part operations overseer with a dash of financial coordination. This “Diva of Drive” is a mother of three and has a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education, which serves her well in her untitled role as the NOW “Office Mom.” Our Oracle of Operations keeps the NOW team on track, in the know and in touch with the vast reaches of our clientele. In her free time, Amber enjoys family life with her husband and children, dominating dirt bikes and breathing deeply from the fresh air Mother Nature has provided.

JOHN FLANAGAN II, Video Production Manager, Now Marketing Group

John Flanagan II


John is a creative media connoisseur. He pulls inspiration from different sources and styles to create something with his own cinematic flavor. Technical knowledge and training, an artistic eye, and ability to think on his feet are what set John apart in the video production world.


Nate W.


We “WOW WITH DESIGN” and our graphic designer Nate is largely responsible for all aspects of branding and layout. Website and Graphic Design Manager includes designing and directing all aspects of our clients creative projects for web and print at NOW Marketing Group. He oversees all aspects of NOW Marketing Group’s website designs from product workflow to custom UI/UE design and coding. His focus is managing the Web department as well as creating client Branding & Website design with modern coding & layout in mind.

Jenelle Acheson, Project Manager Now Marketing Group

Jenelle Acheson


Jenelle is a multi-tasking machine that enjoys taking notes, making timelines and checking things off her piles of to-do lists. Assisting with website strategies, communicating with clients and maintaining our project work flow are just a few of the many tasks she takes on as project manager. She is also a bit of a chameleon, with a design degree and passion for organization! When she’s not working on planning and managing NOW Marketing website projects she enjoys designing, planning and hosting fun and creative activities for her church, family and friends.

Kate Ellis, Content Manager, Now Marketing Group

Kate Ellis


Perfectly content to spend all her time behind a computer screen, Kate Ellis enjoys writing and telling people’s stories.

As content manager Kate writes for clients, working on web content, brochures, blogs, and any other written material NOW Marketing needs completed. It’s the perfect job for an easy going introvert.

Raised in tiny Kidron, Ohio, Kate was home schooled until she graduated high school a year early to pursue a degree in broadcast and journalism at Bluffton University. After living in Lima for four years she has enjoyed getting to know the community and has finally found the perfect breakfast joint (Lulu’s) and has a favorite lunch sandwich (black bean burger, Fat Cat).

In her spare time, Kate likes to drink green tea, watch her favorite television episodes, and spends too much time reading Reddit.

Brian Williams


Brian “The Truth” Williams: Beneath a sly smile and cool-as-ice exterior, our “Mr. No Gimmicks Needed” is a genuine and devoted soul who smoothly drops a creative beat for the NOW MG. Dedicated to his roots, his family and his church, this young Marketing Maven is a Lima-born, Lima-bred, Lima-dedicated professional with a steadfast heart, a nose for discovery and an eye for creativity. This “Instagram Icon” first felt the marketing tug as a student at the University of Northwestern Ohio, where he learned his trade as part of the American Marketing Association before capturing his Bachelor’s Degree. That became the launching point for a young man with vibrant ideas and a rock-solid work ethic that delivers vision and consistency for NOW Marketing Group’s clients. Indeed, there is nothing bland about this Brand Manager, whose knowledge of social media is only outweighed by his drive for discovering the newest trends and best ways to drop an audience’s jaw. And when he’s not lighting up social media, you can find Brian inside a weight room, grooving to smooth R&B jams or discussing the Good Word.


Morgan Rigali


Morgan has a degree in English and a minor in professional writing from the Ohio State University. She worked as an Editorial Specialist in Columbus, Ohio prior to moving back to Lima, her hometown. Morgan loves to write – and she also enjoys baking and eating popcorn.

Betsy Lee

Marketing Manager

Betsy can recite the alphabet backwards in less than four seconds. It’s impressive. She’s a Wisconsin native and proud Packers fan, who moved to Ohio to attend Cedarville University. While there, she met her husband Dan. Betsy is an expert marketer with years of experience. She loves networking and building relationships, and her positive spirit can turn anyone’s day around.

Betsy’s family is everything to her, and she pours her heart into caring for her two children. She also loves tacos, the movie Dead Poets Society, and the Green Bay Packers. (Did we already mention that? 😉

Mike Decook

Mike is a World Wide Web Wealth of information when it comes to development Ninja-ry. With a background in graphic design and political marketing he knows how to make a site stand out and perform it’s best.
From his home in Indiana you will find Mike spending his spare time not watching basketball but watching live entertainment via Twitch.
Unlike many developers, Mike likes talking to humans especially about how to make their website top notch in their industry.

Tyler Rigg

Tyler Rigg

Tyler is a graduate of Miami University (no, not the one in Florida), with a degree in journalism and professional writing.

He enjoys writing, reading, running, and music. If he’s not doing one of these at any time, then you probably have the wrong guy.