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Dedicated to the success of genuine brands through a partnership that focuses on a relationship first mindset.

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People buy from companies they know, like, and trust

Brands who have made a lasting impact on them

About NOW Marketing Group

Turning Customers into Advocates

See, you want customers who will become advocates for your brand. Customers that have such an exceptional experience with your brand that they tell all their friends and families about you. Customers that will sing your praises for years to come. That’s the power of referrals and relationship marketing.

Consider this — would you be more likely to stick with a business that offers the lowest price or one that you’ve broken bread with? Shared personal stories with?

Building Relationships

Relationships trump marketing every single time and our approach capitalizes on that.

We start by creating your brand story, ideal audience and unique messaging and assist you in building a community of people that will work as a sales army for you. When your brand story aligns with your audience’s values, you’ll attract your ideal customer that’ll consistently provide repeat and referral business.

Build Relationships

Jessika Phillips

NOW Marketing Group was launched in 2010 by our founder, Jessika Phillips. Since then, we’ve stayed vigilant by growing organic, sustainable and profitable sales through using social media, online marketing and the full power of relationship marketing. This helps a brand’s authenticy by relating to their ideal audience resulting in the growth of sustainable and consistent organic ROI.
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NOW Marketing Group

Our promise

To capture the attention of your ideal audience, articulate your message clearly, build real relationships, and grow in exceptional experiences.

Digital marketing is constantly changing but human psychology isn’t.

Relationships will always be more powerful than marketing.

Our blend of storytelling, relationship-building, and the latest marketing tools and techniques will help you stand out to retain your ideal customers and find the ideal customers that can’t get enough of you.


In the heart of every business lies a story, a vision for the future written long before any transaction takes place.

Great businesses are focused on culture, led by their visionaries who truly get the power of relationships.

Built on a foundation of passion, integrity and hard work.

At times it simply takes a partner that aligns with their ideals, mirroring their willingness to do the work necessary to drive their vision into reality.

Choosing to do what’s right, not what’s easy.

Brands are felt long before they are seen.

We’re defined by relationships with the community, clients and the teams we serve.

Together we generate the ideas that get people talking and the results that keep your business

“We are fueled by relationships. Driven by results. And a catalyst for creativity”

Together, we are NOW Marketing Group. Your partners in digital.