Andrés Medina

| August 29, 2019

Andrés has been a champion since he was a little tyke. Born and raised in Puerto Rico he hails from Caguas, PR. As a tiny kiddo he was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma – Bone Cancer, and at 1.5 half he went through chemo and is now a proud cancer survivor! Andrés has been swinging for the fences since age 4 – his love for baseball carried through high school and was offered a scholarship to the play as a Racer at the University of Northwest Ohio bringing him to Lima, OH. His life goal is to show others – kids or adults – that regardless of the challenge, you are strong enough to overcome those hurdles and can fulfill your dreams.

Focusing his studies on digital and multimedia marketing, Andrés earning his place on the Dean’s List and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing. He’s taking that knowledge and is now creating killer content for our clients. When he’s not on a ballfield or behind a laptop, Andrés loves to cook, play golf, watch YouTube videos and teach his friends Spanish terms.