Cara Venturella

| May 28, 2021

Cara has been mixing marketing, relationship building, and community together for 15+ years. Born from a love and devotion to her hometown of Lima, Ohio she made it her mission to serve her community by promoting it through destination marketing. Building a social media & online presence from the ground up has been one of the biggest and most rewarding challenges in her career. 

She’s devoted her time to various local service organizations and events always with an agenda to help move the community forward. 

To move into a position with the NOW team she is excited to extend that enthusiasm for community and relationship building into each client.

When she’s not building relationships and loving on her community she’ll most likely be seen devoting her time to her family and friends and daydreaming of where to go on her next travel adventure. And that will typically happen around the table of her family’s locally owned restaurant. Local business, community, and relationships are ingrained in her DNA.