Brian Williams

| May 17, 2019

Brian “The Truth” Williams: Beneath a sly smile and cool-as-ice exterior, our “Mr. No Gimmicks Needed” is a genuine and devoted soul who smoothly drops a creative beat for the NOW MG. Dedicated to his roots, his family and his church, this young Marketing Maven is a Lima-born, Lima-bred, Lima-dedicated professional with a steadfast heart, a nose for discovery and an eye for creativity. This “Instagram Icon” first felt the marketing tug as a student at the University of Northwestern Ohio, where he learned his trade as part of the American Marketing Association before capturing his Bachelor’s Degree. That became the launching point for a young man with vibrant ideas and a rock-solid work ethic that delivers vision and consistency for NOW Marketing Group’s clients. Indeed, there is nothing bland about this Brand Manager, whose knowledge of social media is only outweighed by his drive for discovering the newest trends and best ways to drop an audience’s jaw. And when he’s not lighting up social media, you can find Brian inside a weight room, grooving to smooth R&B jams or discussing the Good Word.