Case Study: Mr. Manhole

Our Partnership with Mr. Manhole

This partnership is and has been one of our favorites because we truly worked as an extension of the Mr. Manhole brand since 2012.

We we first started, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work crafting a strategy that covered all the bases for Mr. Manhole. From sprucing up their branding to managing their social media presence and reaching out to the press, we left no stone unturned. Thanks to our tailored approach, Mr. Manhole found themselves featured in big-name publications like Cheddar, Tech Insider, and Mashable, boosting their reputation and getting their message out there loud and clear.

But we didn't stop there.

We harnessed the power of video marketing to tell Mr. Manhole’s story in a way that truly connected with their audience, keeping them engaged and coming back for more. And when it came to making sure they were easy to find online, we dove deep into SEO wizardry to make sure they were popping up at the top of those search engine results.

Responsive samples of Mr. Manhole website
“Our journey with Now marketing has been long and varied. They have been so much more than a marketing agency. Now marketing has been our marketing arm since our startup and walked the journey with us. They have provided marketing ideas, marketing content, website design and implementation, app development, various software applications, and most of all, support and encouragement for the journey. As a business owner you must seek partners that support and equip you for the long game. Jessika and her team will not disappoint.”
Mike Crites
Mr. Manhole
Mr. Manhole VR

Taking it to the next level.

To make life easier for both Mr. Manhole and their clients, we whipped up a custom client portal and a top-of-the-line CRM system, tailored specifically to their needs. And just to show off a little, we even dipped our toes into the world of virtual reality, creating an immersive VR app for tradeshows that had everyone talking. With NOW Marketing Group in their corner, Mr. Manhole didn’t just survive – they thrived, leading the charge in their industry and showing everyone else how it’s done in the digital age.

Mr. Manhole has now grown internationally, launched a rental division, and more.