NOW Marketing Group is a creative, take notice digital marketing agency

More importantly, we’re just a fun, passionate group of Relationship Marketers. We create marketing that gets people talking. Our team loves to stay in tune with changing trends in the marketing industry so we can help our clients rise above the noise online to grow authentic relationships with their ideal audience.

Our mission is to help your business be found, be social, and build relationships by using the latest tools and techniques in digital marketing.

NOW Marketing Group was founded in Lima, Ohio, by Jessika Phillips in 2010. Jessika wanted a way to embrace her inner nerd and creative energy to help the world translate their authentic story through marketing. People buy from who they know, like and trust, and when you’re authentic in telling your company’s story, you’ll attract the right audience to buy from you.

That’s why we help your business build long-lasting relationships with your ideal audience. It’s all about providing value. We truly believe that people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. We’re invested in telling your business’s story. That’s why we use relationship internet marketing to show the world what your company cares about.

When you attract the right audience, they’ll love working with you and you’ll love working with them. Soon you’ll create dedicated followers who will love telling their friends about the relationship they have with your business! We want to help you get there.

NOW Marketing Group Culture

We’re young. We’re creative. We’re inspired.

There are so many new changes in today’s marketing world. We stay vigilant so we know what new trends are on the horizon. No one is better equipped in helping companies be successful with their marketing. We’d like to hear your goals. But even more, we’d love to help you reach them. We’re ready to help your company be found, be social, and to build a relationship with your ideal audience.

Our promise to you

We’re on a personal mission to put relationships back into businesses. Every relationship needs a foundation, a pillar of strength built on core values. We believe we’ve created a plan that embodies the perfect balance between business and relationships. Your business can expect highly driven individuals who will go above and beyond in customer service, personal attention, and creative ideas to enhance your efforts. We promise to put you on the cutting edge of internet marketing. Our goal is to find your business’s goals and, more importantly, help build a relationship that allows you to reach them!