The Relationship Marketing Strategy

NOW Marketing Group works as an extension of your company by learning the heartbeat of your organization to expand your brand potential. Our goal is to develop a strategic marketing plan for your unique business.

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Outlining our Unique 6-Step Process

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Step 1: Where do we start?

Work Smarter, Not Harder by Creating A Customized Online Marketing Plan with Measurable Goals.

Buyer Persona | SMART Goal Development | Customer Lifetime Value Measuring | Strategic Development | Brand Creation

When we start our process, we start with the planning stage. We first define buyer personas, personalities, and traits of your ideal customers. This will both of us into the mind of who you want to target, helping with content curation. Next, we think about the SMART goals for our plan. SMART goals are a set of benchmarks which we will realistically be able to reach. Continuing in the planning process, we think about brand creation. We define a brand as the amount of impact your company has on the public. We want to increase this impact by making your brand more human. Customer lifetime value is the next part of our conversation, meaning we calculate what you want or can expect from a customer transitioning from prospect to advocate.

Marketing-Funnel-Step1, NOW Marketing Group, Elida, OhioStep 2: How do we get them to come to you?

Attract Your Ideal Prospects by Developing Content Marketing Strategy to Drive Traffic

SEO | Blog | Viral Videos | Creative Content | Guerilla Marketing | Social Media Marketing

The next stage is the attract stage. In this stage, we use social media, content creation, and inbound marketing methodologies to bring prospects to your website. We help you start-up and manage these different informational outlets. We use content to inform prospects and social media to communicate on a personal level.

Marketing-Funnel-Step1, NOW Marketing Group, Elida, OhioStep 3: How do we qualify those who come to you?

Develop Strategic Workflows and KPI’s by Turning Your Website into Lead Generating Machine

Custom Call to Actions | Landing Pages | Web 2.0 Development | Marketing Workflows

The convert stage is all about getting leads. We take those prospects and convert them into leads using tools like custom calls-to-action and landing pages. Calls-to-action are clickable links directing a prospect where to click should they want additional information or to download a certain item. Prospects are taken to landing pages which house the offer available.

Marketing-Funnel-Step1, NOW Marketing Group, Elida, OhioStep 4: How do we keep you relevant?

Succeed in Relationship Marketing: People Buy from who they Know, Like, and Trust

Email Marketing | Social Media Marketing | content Marketing | Infographics | Video Marketing | Marketing Automation

Next, we have the engage phase. When we engage leads, we are catering to our prospects by giving them relevant and timely information, targeted to their specific persona. This will build your rapport, moving them further along the funnel.

Marketing-Funnel-Step1, NOW Marketing Group, Elida, OhioStep 5: How do we WOW your customers?

Under Promise, Over Deliver, and Build a Marketing Army around your Brand

Social Media Management | Creative Contests | Podcasts | Testimonial Videos | E-Newsletters

Delight is the stage that turns the lead into a customer. The delight phase is all about connecting with your lead in ways they never thought possible: by being human in your interactions. It’s about building great relationships based on trust that gives them a good feeling whenever they think or hear about your company. You want your brand (which is what people think about your company) to resonate most with them.

Marketing-Funnel-Step1, NOW Marketing Group, Elida, OhioStep 6: How do we measure that it’s all working?

Get the Most Out of Your Marketing: Track your Marketing Efforts with Actionable Analytics

Google Analytics | CTA Conversion

Measuring is our last stage. This stage is where you see how all of the previous strategies have worked. We look at data from Google Analytics, interactions on social media outlets, and CTA conversion rates to see how you’re doing. Then, we tweak our strategies and pages so we can perform better to give you a better overall conversion rate.

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