George Whitcher

Web Team Lead

“Dad, Husband, Web Developer, Software Engineer, Graphic Artist, Snowboarder, Musician, Gamer, Nerd”

Gilford, NH

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George's Favorites

Music: Metal and all of its subgenres.

Movies: Star Wars, Billy Madison, Tommy Boy, Black Sheep

TV: The Mandalorian, The Book Of Boba Fett, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, REBELS

Books: Shadows of the Empire, Catcher in the Rye

Influences/Heroes: My parents.

You Should Also Know...

Snowboarding is life!

George's Blurb

I am a programmer originally from the South Shore of Massachusetts. I moved to the New Hampshire Lakes Region in 2019. I have been professionally developing websites and software for companies worldwide since 2006. I specialize in the stuff most developers are scared of like back-end programming, database queries, and server setup and management.

Being a father and husband has been the most fulfilling aspect of my life. It is so rewarding and has taught me more about myself than I ever knew. My sons and my wife are my everything. When I am not busy being a parent or programming I am up to one of my many other hobbies. I have a passion for snowboarding which I have been doing since I was 13 years old. I am a musician and composer. Having played in many local bands and many local venues in the Massachusetts area. I also enjoy video games, snowmobiling, and watching football. Go, Patriots!

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