The Need

  • Increase new followers
  • Boost brand awareness
  • Enhance engagement

The Plan

  • Identify key audience members
  • Develop creative, unique contest ideas
  • Create custom, engaging designs
  • Execute across appropriate platforms

The Team

  • Social media manager
  • Brand strategist
  • Content strategist
  • Graphics designer
Contests are a great way to reach into new audience groups, grow your followers, boost your social engagement, increase website traffic and convert followers into fans. The examples shown focus on different results. Stolly’s Operation Giveback goal is to increase web traffic through social contests designed to give back to community champions.
Bruster’s Car Wash offers a pet wash station and tied a photo contest back to its service line. And lastly, 50 Strong created a custom Valentine’s Day product line which sparked a contest giveaway to increase social engagement. Understanding the goal of your contests will drive the rest of the process > the images, the copy, the engagement.

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