The Need

  • Grow social followers
  • Boost engagement with ideal audience
  • Enhance website traffic

The Plan

  • Identify audience members and their pain points
  • Strategize to develop custom content with a mix of text, graphics and video
  • Engage with audience members who are interacting with your posts and develop strategies to invite “disconnected” followers to start engaging

The Team

  • Social media manager
  • Content strategist
  • Brand strategist
  • Graphics designer
  • Video production

Creating real-time posts are the best way to keep your audience interested. Whether it’s live video or photos from an event, your audience will love seeing what is going on behind-the-scenes of your brand. We understand that real-time posts aren’t always feasible. Creating a content strategy for your brand will help you fill-in the gaps while engaging and building your loyal advocates.

Approximately 74% of consumers share video content from brands on social media. It’s so important to post videos that share your message and purpose, whether they are live, professionally edited or created with an app.

Theme days are a fun way to keep your followers engaged with your content by targeting their specific interests. There are traditional “National holidays” and then some pretty unique days that will get your audience interacting with your posts.

Engagement is connecting with your audience in a way that extends past a like, retweet or scripted response. We monitor client social platforms to react, comment and engage with audiences who are engaging with our posts and interact with our followers and influencers posts. Respond to your audience comments with a gif or video; if your follower shares a cute photo of their kids or your product in action, reply with an emoji instead of just a reaction. Be creative with your engagement.

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